This new curriculum (2007), based on National Curriculum Framework 2005 and Bihar Curriculum Framework 2006, is based on a specific approach about ‘education’. According to this, ‘education means to make school students of Bihar so capable that they can understand the true meaning of their life, living, proper development of all their qualifications, decide the purpose of their lives and To make it as meaningful and effective as possible to achieve it, and also to show that the other person in society also has the right to do the same.

Based on the current course of Bihar’s current course and the current curriculum of CBSE, it has been decided by the Human Resource Development Department, Bihar to study the following subjects in the 2 level educational institutions-
(1) Language groups:
1. Hindi 2. Urdu 3. English
Each of the said languages ​​must read two languages ​​essentially in the 11th and 12th classes. If any student desires, it can take any third language from the said language group. But this third language will remain in the list of its subject matter. Courses of the said subjects of the language group will be the same for all students.

(2) Optional subject group:
Subject matter
1. Mathematics 1. Political Science
2. Physics 2. Psychology
3. Chemistry 3. History
4. Biology 4. Economics
5. Philosophy

The instructor must study three subjects essentially from the above subjects.

Apart from this, if the learner wishes, one of the two subjects (language and alternative) group can read as a subject matter elective.

Textbooks – Based on the new curriculum, the subject wise textbooks for the first 11th and 12th classes in the state have been identified. These text books will be made available by printed by Bihar State Textbook Corporation. In addition to languages, textbooks for all optional subjects will be same as those published by NCCRT, New Delhi for Class 11-12.

12th Board Examination – In connection with the 12th Board Examination related information and evaluation methodology, Bihar School Examination Committee (UP), Patna will send information.
The examination of 11th will be based on the college level on the basis of the question paper of the secondary board and the 12th examination will be completed by the Bihar School Examination Committee, Patna.

New course of three-year undergraduate arts and sciences
Compulsory subject:
(1) Composition (in Part-I, II) and
(2) General Studies (in Part-III)

Art (Reputation): Hindi, Urdu, English, Mathematics, Psychology, History, Geography, Politics, Sculpture, Economics and Literature.
Science (Reputation): Physical, Chemistry, Mathematics, Botany and Biology.
Note: It is compulsory to take two supporting topics in addition to the subject matter.
Postgraduate New Course of Arts and Sciences
Art: 1. History 2. Journal of Literature
Science: 1. Chemistry 2. Vanaspati 3. Animal Husbandry

Note: There will be two-two semesters in the postgraduate premieres and final. Each semester will have four hundred